A true student of the game, DJ Savoy has been a music collector and turntable artist for most of his life, yet somehow remains one of the country’s best-kept secrets. With a following that stretches as far as Europe, this master music technician was born in the streets of Newark, New Jersey a.k.a. Brick City. He started his career at the tender age of 14, staying up late at night to record and study techniques that would help develop a style people would appreciate, thus creating “An unspoken communication for the heart & soul”.

Those who know this deep and funny artist, understands that you will get a soulful, inspirational, classics laced party with him on the ones-and-twos and it's always a night to remember. The best thing about this humble music maestro is that he’s not afraid to give props to those who inspired and supported him along the way. He outlines the blueprint for success as a result of hard work.

He currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. His project include numerous mixed CD’s, remixes and live appearances from across the country. He has affiliation with Soul Elevation Music(S.E.M.), various internet show appearances and always has treats for SoBe in March. He is also the DJ for a Christian venue in Richmond called “Good Friday’s Live” & The Poetry in the Light Tour. Now further cementing his status as a key player in the Dance / Gospel House music scene. Savoy has teamed up with TrowerMusicGroup to release his first Exec. Produced Single “Trust” Feat: Shannon Renee.

His sets inspires many. His crazy sense of humor brings joy and laughter along this Christian journey. By the way…this guy can cook too!!!

“To God be the glory whom I serve in my spirit, I pray that Gospel House Music continue to touch the hearts, minds and souls of those seeking understanding. I Thank God for my spiritual gift and for allowing me to do what I do”. – DJ Savoy