Singer/songwriter/actress, Marcia L. Boynton, native of Asbury Park, NJ, has graced the cover of many gospel house and house classics internationally. Her first hit, “Brand New Day,” was recorded on NJ independent label, N Sync Records, and scored big with NY radio stations and disc jockeys. She followed up this recording with a self-penned Chicago house anthem “You Got A Good Love” on Authority Records and “Spread The Love,” which scored high praise in the underground house music scene. Her soulful and passionate vocals impressed the producers at Authority so much, she was hand picked to perform the Sugardish recording of “Everything Is Beautiful.”

Marcia’s next release, “Leave It To Me,” was received with critical acclaim, earning the top spot on internationally renowned DJ Tony Humphries’ dance charts in 2009. Producer Jayshon Trower of Trower Records would go on to release two more singles, which Marcia wrote, “Love Me Or Leave Me” and “Together Forever.” Both display a contagious blend of raw emotion and sincere language.

Marcia performed as lead singer with Smooth Sailin’ Orchestra, a highly successful and popular wedding band, for seven years throughout the tri-state area. She was sought after for her spot on impersonation and mastery of legendary jazz singer, Billie Holiday. The likes of Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald and Patsy Cline were included in Marcia’s repertoire before mesmerized audiences who often remarked, “I thought that you were the record.”

Marcia honed her acting skills by performing the lead acting role of Mary in Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity with NJ’s premiere theatre troupe, Dunbar Repertory Company, as well as Sister Laura in his Tambourines To Glory and the lead, comedic role in Rob Penny’s Good Black Don’t Crack.

Fans have come to appreciate Marcia’s take on life and love, experienced through years of homelessness and poverty. It is her strong faith in God, however, that keeps her grounded, loving and going on, and this faith does not disappoint.

For some ten years, Marcia served in a spiritual ministry to The Cathedral International under Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. Called to stand in the gap and repair breaches, Marcia and her three daughters served in a divinely ordained spiritual ministry to The Cathedral International, New Jersey, for many years under Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. Divinely called (Isaiah 8:18), this family prophetically ministered to the needs of church leaders and laity teaching the Lord’s message of repentance, turning back to God, forgiveness and unconditional love. Homelessness and poverty only strengthened the family’s resolve to remain committed in the face of persecution and opposition.

You can expect continued good music, spiritual nourishment and celebrated dramatic performances from Marcia Boynton, but her greatest joy will be the release of her gospel CD, “Repairing The Breaches,” in the immediate future. A collection of powerfully anointed original songs, this CD is sure to inspire, encourage and uplift men and women from the highways and byways to faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through the gift of song, Marcia is commanded to take a back seat and allow Jesus to have center stage. Reserve your seat today!