It’s a known fact that when it comes to music & entertainment J’shon is a Force to be reckoned with. At an early age Jayshon Trower began his love for music toying around with his aunt’s record player and record collections. She was known to like a wide variety of music from artists like James Cleveland, Andre Crouch, Shirley Caesar, to Stevie Wounder, Earth Wind & Fire, MFSB & Teddy P. His home was always filled with good soulful music from the 70”s & 80’S.
Being a classical/gospel trained musician, Jayshon always had an ear for music. Playing the drums and organ as a young boy in church, he was often told by known Apositals that his music would greatly impact a praise in people hearts. Jayshon’s long-time passion for music and because of his music filled atmosphere he started DJ’ing at 11yrs old. He got his first DJ setup for a pair of suede Ewings & $75.00. Infulenced by R&B Soul and Dance Music and artists like: Arthur Russell, ESG, MAW, Tony Humpries, Joe Claussell, Diana Ross, Evelyn Champagne King & Brass Consturction his music of choice is Soulful & Underground House.
While working at the local record store (MAC Records) and receving weekly and monthly promos from labels he began compiling his record collection. With a fake ID he would sneak into clubs to have dj’s play the new hotest tracks he received. The DJ’s were not shy about letting the young Jay play either, and after awhile he was know for turning lounges into clubs blowing the roof off of them with his sophisticated mixture of house music. J’Shon has performed in Clubs and Events like, WMC Miami, Club 12, Saturn Lounge, HeadQuaters, Stone Pony, Zanzado and the newly designed WaterMark & Aqua Lounge on the Jersey Shore. DJ j”shon is highly credited for popularizing soulful and underground house music that area.

Jayshon also loved to dance. He started a dance group called The Nature Boyz who were known to cause havoc at shows they performed. J’shon was also known for arranging the music for the performers of the show. After meeting a Rep from MTV Networks who scheduled an Interview with him and his dance crew he landed a gig working for MTV’s The Grind as a Dancer & Featured Model.
The older he got the hungrier his knowledge for music became. Starting off with the SP-12, a Mackie 1604 added to his pair of turntables, he began making beats and learning the art of recording in his bedroom. It wasn’t long after that the respected Jayshon (Knotty) Trower started his own company, Knotty Recording Studios in a loft space that once belonged to the honorable Judge Lawrence M. Lawson, who once counseled nervous criminal defendants from that same space. Judge Lawson the first African American Superior Court Judge in Freehold N.J. likely digs a hard-working young man building his own business while dealing with the non-sense in the streets of Asbury Park.

Knotty Recording has since started their House Music Label called: Trower Music Group (TMG Records).
Their first release “Leave it 2 Me” Featuring Marcia Boynton Produced by DJ J’shon has received great reviews from the UK/US:
This DJ from New York/New Jersey will get and keep you Dancing with his epic style and choice of Soulful & Underground House! – TriCityNews(Top 10 Jersey DJ’s)